About TF2Finance.com


This website was created by Steam user base64 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/base1024/) in March 2012.

At that time, information about market prices and item statistics was totally imperfect.

I came up the idea of presenting information supported by empirical evidence instead of opinions that are subjective.

I work hard to develop methods of statistical gathering, deploying automated systems and seeking help from various trade communities.

This is a 100% non-profit site that aims to provide free information so that market participants can make informed decisions, and presenting my academic views.

I also maintained neutrality in pricing. I quit trading in Jan 2012, and my current backpack is more or less identical to what I had over a year ago. I still own Earbuds and Keys so that my inventory looks less empty. They have not been traded for a while (check item history).

For 12 months, I have been paying all relevant costs alone, including domain registration and the rental cost of multiple servers.



If you love the site and would like to support market transparency and my academic ambitions to conduct analysis on TF2, please feel free to donate cash (preferably above $5 because of PayPal fees) or items. You may also donate in the name of your site if you are an admin of another community.

Once I received your donations, you may choose to appear on the sidebar of this entire site.

I really need your help to keep this site alive and running.

Be sure to include your SteamID64 after you have entered the amount.
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# User/Entity Amount
1 Mattie! $125
2 M. Muise $100
3 Swag [Inc] $70
4 MageLeif $30
5 Jewlander $25
6 2supreme $25
7 dav3 $20
8 logtcn $15.79
9 Scout4president $15
10 Damon Albarn $12.5
11 Fangyooooo $11.11
12 Sir J-j-jon $10.2
13 +MacroPower $10
14 Allyorbase $10
15 Ultimaximus $10
16 LeepsLab $10
17 Abender $7.5
18 DSwissK $6.66
19 IM BATMANNN... $5.2
20 =NickFury= $5.01
21 Pomf | Woifi $5
22 icoter $5
23 R. Kumar $5